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Moments & Memories

A Delafield Love Story


While courting, Jane and Mike Schallock leased horses to ride in the park… Sixty one years later, their interest in horses and each other continues strong!


Jane and Mike Schallock wasted no time diving into the horse world after they married. They began by taking lessons from Ross Drake at Joy Farm in Milwaukee to strengthen their legs. All the better to enjoy a trip to a dude ranch out west!


Soon, they had purchased a small farm near Goerke’s Corners in Waukesha county. The first equine residents were a Saddlebred and a Tennessee Walking Horse. Within a few years, that property was outgrown and in 1963, the Schallocks acquired 77 scenic acres in the town of Delafield on what was to become Star Hill Farm. 

The impressive property was developed with many touches that make the farm efficient. Both Mike and Jane are civil engineers and their planning is evident all around the stable and indoor arena. The main aisles of the barn run west to east, accommodating natural wind direction for maximum ventilation. Each stall features a centrally positioned door for ideal access. Also, instead of the usual central light bulb, each stall is lighted with a fluorescent bulb on each side of the ceiling, decreasing shadows on the horse’s body when grooming, etc. The spacious indoor arena has a built in gates on one end to create a “round pen” when needed.


Mike and Jane grew a thriving business that focused on training show horses and many accomplished trainers ramped up their skills at Star Hill. Among these horsemen were Scott Matton, Ronald Lee, Mark Hulse, Bob Griffin, and Bill Schoeman. At the height of their business, the Schallocks had 40 horses on their property. Jane showed many horses over the years, but was especially known for her skill in the Three Gaited division. Then came a time when Mike discovered Hackney ponies and the Road Pony class became his expertise. Most notable was Clancy Lane, who won World’s Grand Championship and reserve WGC in the amateur Road Pony division. Mike still works one of his two stud ponies, Carnation’s King Tut, a spry 25 plus years old, on a regular basis. This pony stays in shape pulling Mike up a 100 foot incline most days in the summer. Several of the other Schallock ponies and horses are currently in training with Rick Wallen.


Mike and Jane have been constant participants in the Saddlebred and Hackney pony industries of the Midwest, but Mike has also volunteered thousands of hours in his own community. Mike was one of the founders of the Humane Animal Welfare Society in Waukesha. He served continuously on the board of directors, garnering local support for the charity, until only a few years ago. H.A.W.S. has become of the largest and most successful animal shelters in the state.


Star Hill Farm is quieter these days, there are now just 13 horses and ponies in residence. But the proud spirit of a successful life in the competitive world is evident through out. Jane and Mike continue to breed and train ponies, and look to their young stock for the next rising star. Mike and Jane may be at the next show you are at, just look for the smiling couple still in love. Remember, he will be wearing bright red and white road silks!


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