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Youth Conference

The ASAW Youth Conference is a one or two day program, dedicated to promoting the American Saddlebred to the youth of our organization, through a series of meetings, workshops, lectures and tours.  This conference is usually held in late January or early February and is a wonderful learning opportunity for our youth in a fun and enjoyable environment.


Over the years, the ASAW has invited area Saddlebred trainers and professionals to share information in areas such as judging the American Saddlebred, career opportunities in the equine industry, a trainer’s panel and the benefits of equestrian yoga and Pilates, just to name a few.  In addition, the ASAW’s own Tim Starck has also led our youth in art projects highlighting the American Saddlebred. Conference barn tours have also been popular, offering a hands on opportunities to work with the American Saddlebred, and see the fabulous horses in action.


The ASAW has made a commitment to give our youth members not only the opportunity to meet others who share a love of the breed, but also to provide opportunities for them to learn something about the American Saddlebred in ways they may not have already known.


If you have any questions about the Conference, or would be interested in joining the Youth Committee of ASAW, please contact us at

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